Our Mission.........

Our mission is simple with OurTopSpots™.  We want to share the real story behind great local restaurants, lodging facilities and outdoor experiences like biking and kayaking.  

Nowadays, everything is all about the three minute TV news report or the 500 word story in the quickly dying print media, which are written by people sitting in ivory towers who don't truly engage the subject or ask the questions we want to ask.  

Well, with today's technology we can skip the "Gate Keepers" of media and share in-depth stories of the real people and places through live streaming videos or edited videos and our unique live streaming, interactive podcast. We don't need a staff of 50 along overseen by editors worried about time and space!  All Cheryl and I need are our iPhones, iPad Pro, GoPro 7 Hero Black and our DJI Spark drone.

We invite you to go on the journey with us.