This photo was taken in Glen Haven Village on the shores of Lake Michigan in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Interactive OurTopSpots™ Travel Guides

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We have developed these free interactive guides as a reference for your next day or destination trip.  When we started traveling to ride on different bike trails, we thought it would be great if someone had a single source of actual on the ground experience that could share their experiences riding specific trails and recommend great local places to eat, stay and shop. We quickly realized these travel guides could also benefit people out riding their motorcycles or people just out on a day trip or vacation.

The result is our OurTopSpots™ Travel Guides which we are proud to introduce to you here on our website.

We will be updating these OurTopSpots™  Travel Guides as we revisit these great destination areas and don't forget to listen to our podcasts and other social media for videos, photos featuring the local places we highlight in these OurTopSPots™ Travel Guides.

When you use our OurTopSpots™ Travel Guides, please be sure to tell the local restaurants, lodges and shops that you found them in our OurTopSpots™ Travel Guide.


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We have created these FREE, interactive, and carefully curated OurTopsSpots™ Travel Guides based on our personal experiences and we love to share these with our community to help them enjoy their day trips by including as much local knowledge as we can about great places to eat, stay, shop and enjoy unique outdoors experiences.  When you visit any of these businesses in these travel guides be sure to tell them you found them through OurTopSpots™.  The beauty of these pdfs is that we can update them as often as we want to keep them relevant and add or subtract listings in the travel guide.  Enjoy your trip !

OurTopSpots Sleeping Bear Dunes (pdf)


OurTopSpots Oz Series Interurban Bike Trail (pdf)